Drone Time Lapse Construction

Drone time lapse construction use aerial imaging to help construction companies manage resources, make well-informed decisions, track work flow/schedules, show progress to constituents, and save money throughout the process. Drones authorized according to FAA. Read more...

Time Lapse for our clients


Our clients do not stay long enough to visit ongoing construction sites, especially long-term projects. Constantly advancing the execution schedule can put our client or investor out of date, so why not show them that you are using the latest drone technology to document your progress reports? Avoid spending time on expensive helicopter tours or interruptions to your daily work flow with guided construction site tours.

Drone Construction Time Lapse Definition

“It denotes the photographic technique of taking a sequence of frames at set intervals to record changes that occur slowly over time. When the frames are displayed at normal speed or in rapid succession, the action appears much faster. “

 It allows closer access and is therefore a great tool that provides details that you will never achieve from a helicopter.

What the Drone Construction Time Lapse offers you

Drone Construction Time Lapse Price


$50 / time
  • 3 minutes Time Lapse video
  • Sending Information by Drop Box
  • Transportation Included
  • Data Delivery Depending on the number of times
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