Drone Survey and Mapping

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Map Drone
Map Drone
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With Map Drone survey and mapping we use the technique of indirect measurement that allows us to obtain the geometries properties of objects and spatial situations through aerial photographic image processing, creation of digital elevation models, orthorectified and georeferenced mosaics, as well as point clouds high resolution, high precision 3D models that allow the calculation of contours, the measurement of areas and volumes. It also allows us to reach dangerous or difficult access areas and overcome various obstacles, automatically and without risking personal safety. Drones authorized according to FAA. Read more…

AS-Built with Drone Survey

Once the images are collected in the field by means of the drone survey and mapping, they are processed through a photogrammetric software where the ground control points are introduced. A variety of data sets are created that include orthorectified images, 3D point clouds, 3D surfaces / meshes and contours. Final deliverables can include these data sets and / or can be refined further to create topographic and volumetric maps and displays. . Read more…

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