Drone Mapping Services

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Drone Mapping Services uses the indirect measurement technique that allows us to obtain the geometry properties of objects and spatial situations through aerial image processing, creation of digital elevation models, orthorectified and georeferenced mosaics, as well as high resolution point clouds, high precision 3D models that allow the calculation of contours, the measurement of areas and volumes. It also allows us to reach dangerous or difficult to-access areas and overcome various obstacles, automatically and without putting personal safety at risk. Drones authorized according to FAA. Read more… 

What are the benefits of drone mapping services?

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Reduce field time and inspection costs 

Capturing topographic data with a drone is up to five times faster than traditional ground methods and requires less labor. In addition, the risk of loss of measurement equipment is reduced by being constantly exposed to the public. Your survey results are delivered faster and at a lower cost.

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Provide accurate and comprehensive data

Total stations only measure individual points. A drone flight produces thousands of measurements, which can be represented in different formats (orthomosaic, point cloud, DTM, DSM, contour lines, etc.). Each produced map pixel or 3D model point contains 3D geographic data.