Drone Bridge Inspection

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Drone Bridge inspection are capable of collecting much more detailed inspection data compared to snoopers and other more traditional inspection equipment. Not only that, but drones can collect this data without interfering with traffic and without endangering human lives, which is a huge cost saving. Drones authorized according to FAA.  Read more… 

Benefits of Using Drones for Bridge Inspections

Drones offer the potential to reduce costs, provide better data, and improve worker safety during bridge inspections.

The same inspection with a drone would require just two workers, a pilot and an observer, and can be completed in a few hours at a
fraction of the cost.

Drones also greatly improve worker safety. Traditional inspection processes require significant coordination, such as traffic control,
and put workers at risk. Drones can easily access areas that are difficult or dangerous for humans to reach, such as under bridges or along train tracks.
They allow workers to maintain a greater separation distance and still collect the data needed to conduct inspections.

Drones offer the ability to collect much more detailed inspection data compared to traditional inspection equipment such as snoopers. They make it easy to collect high definition images of confined and inaccessible spaces, including under bridges and along girders and girders. Drones can provide 3D and infrared modeling details of bridges, identify areas of concrete delamination, collect topographic mapping details, and efficiently map bank conditions near the bridge site.

Drone Bridge inspection Price

Drone Bridge inspection Price can be determined by the data delivery methods:


  • 3D Model
  • 30 Photos
  • 3 minutes of edited video
  • Transportation Included
  • Sending Information by Drop Box
  • Data Delivery within 24 Hours