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About us Map Drone is a family and young business with desire to grow providing an excellent service so that we continue to have business. To contact us Click Here.

Drone Survey and Mapping 

Aerial photos, maps and 3D models have the power to transform your workflow. Drones can not only save your team time and resources, but they also provide you with a comprehensive. Set of data to help you keep projects on schedule and within budget.

We can apply it in the field of construction to perform indirect measurements 3d mapping drone, to obtain the geometric properties of the objects and the spatial configuration. With this procedure we can obtain geo-referenced as-built 2D maps, elevation models, point clouds, orthomosaics and 3D models with the support of rtk GPS systems.

Drone for Safety Inspection

The prevention of accidents with an early detection of possible risks and actions can be the difference for a highly profitable project. Drones can inspect large areas and faster than equipment on land, access to dangerous places where human lives would be at risk .

Drone Time Lapse Construction

Time labsed construction can be an important part of decision making for CEOs as Project Managers in the management of resources, workflow and schedule. You can also document the process of progress of work and submit reports to your customers every certain period of time. If they visit the site and interrupt the daily flow of work.

Inspection Drone

With roof inspection drone can be done faster and at a lower cost than traditional methods. With the added benefit that there is no risk to human life or the tiles or materials on the roof. The collecting far more detailed bridge inspection drone data compared to snoopers and other more traditional inspection equipment. When it comes to tower surveys. A drone can help identify potential climbing hazards find structural damage, and help tower inspectors understand the tools they need prior to climbing. The power line inspection drone reduce the risk of injury. Drones make the work safer, more efficient and more cost-effective. This allows us to observe closely without endangering human lives and in a much shorter time the process of execution of observation. We can also obtain 3D models through photogrammetry and have that observation data for as long as you want.

Drone Video Real Estate

Make your properties stand out with a professionally drone video real estate flyover of your residential or commercial property! Each video will include your information/logo so people can get in contact with you after seeing the video. Make your properties stand out from the rest with aerial shots that would give the client a new vision of the property.

It is much more interesting to show home buyers the aerial images of the properties and surrounding communities. Allowing the client to be in the desired location without stepping outside their comfort site.

Studies shown by www.soldbyair.com reflect that.

  • 83% of home sellers prefer an agent who uses drones
  • High volume agents use aerials 3.5x more often then low volume agents
  • Large properties and high dollar homes use aerials more often

Drone Video Event

With the technology of drones. We offer you new views of your event. The placement of your business card, your logo and the edition of your event lingers in your memory and in others.

Drones authorized according to FAA.

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